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Hipped Edwardian DIY Conservatory

The hipped back Edwardian Conservatory is essentially two Edwardian conservatories joined back to back. Also known as the Georgian Conservatory this style emulates the conventional roof structure of a house with 4 pitched areas that meet at the central ridge. The design is adjustable with the roof, since the roof ridge can be either perpendicular or parallel to the host/supporting structure.

It wouldn't be wrong to call the hipped back Edwardian Conservatory an upgrade of a Lean-to Conservatory, especially if you consider the extension where the host wall has a height restriction. The junction between the host wall and the conservatory roof must have a box gutter, usually made of aluminium, so as to collect rain water while carrying the weight of the roof. DIY Conservatories offers a range of designs on box gutters to be installed in the hipped back Edwardian Conservatories, so that homeowners can pick a type that suits the conditions in their home.

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Usually, the hipped back Edwardian Conservatory can be found in commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants and hotels, since the design is very popular and conducive for such spots. This is because, in addition to being an economical investment, this style of conservatory can also be used to create an outdoor-indoor area for a year-long utility. Talking residential homes, the hipped back Edwardian Conservatory has an aesthetically appealing charm, which makes it a clear favourite, regardless of height restrictions on host walls.

DIY conservatories offer a number of build and design options for the hipped back Edwardian Conservatory. If you want to adorn your living space with the benefits of a conservatory, visit DIY Conservatories and get your quote today!