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Bay Edwardian DIY Conservatory

As a variation from the regular Edwardian conservatory, the Bay Edwardian design is alike in all respects except for the corner, which is cut off. An additional hip is introduced, along with a bay pole in order to create a forty five degree corner. This new corner can be installed in either the left or the right side of the frontal elevation of the conservatory structure.

Just to make things a little fancier, the facet width could be modified so as to accommodate French windows or doors. Basically, the Bay Edwardian is a more interesting, customised version of the regular Edwardian conservatory design. However, when deciding upon the layout of the furniture, you should take a cautious approach, since the width of the facet may limit the floor space available to set your furniture. French doors installed in the corner facet give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the conservatory, especially when viewed from the inside.

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