Durabase DIY Conservatory Bases

The Durabase System is an advanced steel base and modular wall System for conservatories designed and manufactured at our premises in Hereford.

Bespoke conservatory bases and modular walls are manufactured to order by our experienced team and delivered to site, in kit form ready for quick and easy assembly. The Durabase System alleviates much of the hard work and most of the problems associated with more traditional methods of constructing conservatory bases but still ensures that you have a strong, safe and firm foundation for your conservatory. The only foundations required for the Durabase System are several small concrete pads placed at strategic points throughout the base.

Durabase offers a time saving and cost effective solution for erecting conservatories of every shape and size.


  • It's quick and easy to install. Delivered to site, complete with insulated floor and all the fittings required for assembly.
  • No large scale excavations needed which means less soil removal a lot less disruption to
    the site.
  • Difficulties such as uneven ground or difficult site access are easily overcome.
  • Ideal for professional or DIY installation.
  • No bricklayers required - Modular walls are supplied with brick slips already attached and pointed by our in-house approved fitters.
  • Less time to install means less time on site which means labour costs are reduced.
  • Custom made to suit your specific size and design of conservatory.
  • Alleviates the need to move manholes and drains
A. Brick Slip
B. High Density Insulation Board
C. Structural Ply Backing Panel
Holes are pre-cut to provide access
for wiring and plumbing.
Galvanised steel frame provides a
strong, lightweight construction.
18mm moisture resistant chipboard
flooring system.
Screw mechanism to give maximum
adjustable levels.
50mm under floor insulation.
Heavy duty steel frame.
Brick slip on cement
partical board.








Advanced Base and Wall Systems for Conservatories

Full height Conservatory Base System

Full Height Conservatory Base System

Standing on concrete pads and bolted to the house wall, this system is a fast, clean and efficient way of providing an accurate and level footing for your full height conservatory. The conservatory sill fits directly to the outer beam of the base and is completed with an insulated floor. The exterior of the base is finished with a plain or brick clad skirt.

Plain Skirt Brick Skirt

Modular Wall Conservatory Base System

Modular Wall Conservatory Base System A fast, clean solution to the problems of traditional brickwork, eliminating the need for a bricklayer on site. The wall consists of a strong galvanised frame with specially profiled building board made to the exact size and shape of your conservatory, providing a base onto which genuine clay brick tiles are bonded to give a tough, lightweight brick wall system. The frames are pre-clad and pre-pointed just leaving the bridging tiles to be inserted over the frame joins. The hollow frames can conceal plumbing, electrical cables and insulation material. This system incorporated with our pre-fabricated base system is delivered to site ready made, allowing your conservatory to be installed in the minimum of time.

Selfbuild Dwarf Wall Conservatory Base System

Selfbuild Dwarf Wall Conservatory Base System Standing on concrete pads and bolted to the house wall, this system gives a level accurate footing to build your own traditional-build brick conservatory wall. Manufactured to the exact size required and leveled by screw adjusters under the feet, it eliminates the need for accurate setting out and full scale footings. The outer skin of the wall can be extended by up to 600mm below d.c.m. overcoming difficulties experienced on most sloping sites. The base is completed with an insulated, suspended floor.

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