Example DIY Conservatory Prices

With so many combinations of conservatory available with different glazing and accessory options, it would be impossible to list all our prices on the website. However, to give you an example of our REAL PRICES, see some popular choices for our range of easy-fit conservatories.

IMPORTANT: Unlike some other DIY conservatory suppliers who advertise prices on their website, these are REAL PRICES. No hidden costs, no fake discounts - Our best price first time, every time.
Lean to 2.95m x 2.6m £2,139 £2,321
Lean to 3.7m x 2.85m £2,452 £2,664
Lean to 4.2m x 3.1m £2,758 £3,002
Victorian 2.95m x 2.6m £2,340 £2,541
Victorian 3.7m x 2.85m £2,554 £2,818
Victorian 4.2m x 3.1m £2,731 £2,972
Edwardian 2.95m x 2.6m £2,313 £2,512
Edwardian 3.7m x 2.85m £2,591 £2,818
Edwardian 4.2m x 3.1m £2,926 £3,187
Hipped Edwardian (Georgian) 2.95m x 2.6m £2,473 £2,688
Hipped Edwardian (Georgian) 3.7m x 2.85m £2,793 £3,040
Hipped Edwardian (Georgian) 4.2m x 3.1m £3,182 £3,468
Gable End (Pavillion) 2.95m x 2.6m £2,550 £2,774
Gable End (Pavillion) 3.7m x 2.85m £2,940 £3,202
Gable End (Pavillion) 4.2m x 3.1m £3,326 £3,626
P Shape 5m x 4m £3,788 £4,134
P Shape 5.5m x 4.25m £4,209 £4,582
P Shape 6m x 4.5m £4,518 £4,722

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